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Kaylee Bashaw


Kaylee is the best! My dog was a stray before we adopted her and did not know how to function in a house with humans or how to interact with other dogs even though she really likes them. Kaylee has helped us train our dog so she now has better social skills with humans and other dogs. I can even walk her down the street without being nervous about her getting too distracted and running for the hills!

-Kamryn H.


I am a certified pet dog trainer, dedicated to helping dogs and their humans. I am happiest when helping dogs reach their full potential and live their best lives. I have a special place in my heart for giant breeds, senior pups, and dogs with fear and anxiety. 

My favorite part of working with dogs is finding unique and individual ways of communicating. I have been working with dogs for about 8 years now and every day I learn something new from the dogs and people that I meet. Compassion, communication, and relationship-building are the foundation on which I build all of my training. 

I understand that each dog is unique and deserves to live the happiest life possible with its human(s). I strive to make dog-human relationships cooperative, fun, and healthy for everyone involved.



A girl and her dog.


They say when something big happens in your life, you can then categorize the other events as either before or after that Big Thing. Copper was my Big Thing. 

Not long after adopting Copper as a six-year-old rescue pup, I transitioned from working with infants to working with dogs. I had previously always lived with a family dog–a big, goofy lab named Tucker, but Copper was the first pup to come into my life that I was fully responsible for, and would come to know the ins and outs of how different and special each dog can be. 

We found each other when she was pretty shut down, fearful of most humans and loud noises, and overall anxious. The bond we built was nothing short of magical. 

Just by being her, she taught me about canine body language, the range of emotions and thoughts that these animals are capable of, and the true meaning of resilience and trust. 

Copper passed away in December of 2021 but serves as my guide for both the things that I want and don’t want to do in the dog training world.