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Like Couples Therapy... But With Your Dog.



I’m glad you found me!

I am a professional dog trainer, certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. I take a holistic approach to training that focuses on empathy, giving your dog agency and communication skills, and empowering both humans and their dogs to live happy, healthy lives together. 

Kaylee and Copper

I follow the LIMA principle that training should be the least invasive and minimally aversive. Through the Certification Council, I am always continuing my education and keeping up to date with the latest positive reinforcement training methods. 

I truly believe that training is a lifestyle and my goal is to be a therapist of sorts to coach you through navigating an exciting, rewarding, and loving relationship with your canine companion!

Kaylee has been absolutely amazing with our Kevin! The bond they had instantly reassured me I made the right choice. Kaylee is always there to answer any questions we have (or to simply let me vent about the puppy stages!!) She will even go out in public with you and your dog to teach manners. We can’t wait to watch our puppy grow into an amazing, loving, good boy with her help!”

-Andrea K.


Servicing areas within 30 miles of Providence, Rhode Island